Torres who?

09 Feb

A lot of Liverpool fans were angry with the sale of Torres to Chelsea but anger doesn’t change the fact that it happened. All you can do is accept a man’s desire to be employed somewhere else and move on. When you look at the transfer and what Liverpool has gotten from it I think it makes perfect sense.

Buy a player for 20 million, watch him score some great goals but spend half the time injured and then sell him 3 and half years later for 50 million.

Use the money generated to bring in two younger players who will play up front and allow your best player to play in his favourite position. The team is left more balanced yet the new owners haven’t had to invest any money leaving them to plan for a busy summer of spending. Hopefully some quality wingers like Ashley Young and Eden Hazard to get the best out of Andy Carroll’s’ prowess in the air.

Meanwhile one of your main rivals has spunked 70 million pound on the same day it announced a financial loss for the previous year of 70 million. One can assume that there won’t be any big cheques been signed in Stamford bridge this summer even though half the team are over 30.

Look at the Chelsea team that lost to Liverpool on Sunday. Half the team are over 30. The use of Torres, anelka and Drogba up front just didn’t work as the team lacked width. They have no hope of winning the league this season so that’s one less competition for Torres to compete for.

The sale of Torres and the appointment of Dalglish has galvanised the team. Liverpool now have Chelsea in their sights as they hunt for a place in next seasons champions league. It all makes great sense to me!

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