Irish children seeking fame and fortune

29 Nov

Children in rich countries want to be pop-stars and sport-stars while children in poor countries want to be doctors and lawyers according to a survey published yesterday.

A survey of 4,600 children across the world has revealed almost one in three Irish kids (30%) wants to be an artist and almost one in five (19%) wants to be a professional athlete when they grow up. The story is very different in developing countries where children would prefer to be teachers (23%) or doctors (20%).

The survey was carried out by ChildFund Ireland, an independent Irish registered not-for-profit organisation. They assist children, families and communities in Africa, Asia & the Americas and are funded by child sponsorships, project grants from the Irish Government and Irish Corporations.

According to ChildFund the survey is one of the most comprehensive polls of children’s views in the world. The global survey, Small Voices, BigDreams, polled children aged 10-12 from 44 countries – from Ireland to Zambia.

3,613 children in developing countries and 979 children in developed nations were asked 6 open-ended questions, i.e. no suggested answers were given. The children were asked questions such as what do you want to be when you grow up and what you would do as a political leader to change children’s lives.

Another question asked was what do you most worry about and the poll found that Irish children (19%) worry more about war and terrorism then children in developing nations (14%). Getting sick is the biggest worry for those in the developing world. (23%)

Children in the developing world also seem to put more emphasis on studying with 17% choosing it as an activity if given the choice to do anything they wanted for the day. Less than 1% of Irish children would choose to open their school books.


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2 responses to “Irish children seeking fame and fortune

  1. Simple Speedy Snacks

    December 8, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    Great article! Yes my first choice for a career was movie star, second choice olympic athlete! My mother wanted me to be a teacher…like all Irsh Mammies! I did none of the above..well I trained as an actress but didn’t make it to Hollywood!!!

  2. Paul M Brady

    December 8, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    Hey, thanks for your kind words. Oh im sure Hollywood is missing out! Mothers will be proud no matter what you do.

    Even as a child I wanted to be a journalist. half way there once I finish my degree but be a lot harder to find someone willing to pay me to be one!


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